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A look back at our history over the years.

World War 2 Soliders


Scientists in the midst of World War 2 in an effort to expand the preservation and transport of citrus juice discover a way to concentrate the juice and retain some of it's flavor attributes.


Vita-Pakt Juice Company is founded as a beverage in a papercone.

Juice in a papercone
concentrated orange juice


The concentration of orange juice is patented and the first commercial evaporators are introduced.


Vita-Pakt became incorporated as a company. The company went into juice concentrates and other citrus products canned, fresh and frozen in both the retail and wholesale market.

Incorporation Documentation


Vita-Pakt briefly ventured into the skateboard industry by acquiring a roller skate manufacturer. From there they took a set of trucks from the roller skate plant along with a piece of a juice crate to illustrate the concept. Vita-Pakt teamed up with Hobie Alter and the skateboard line was born.


Vita-Pakt entered the industrial ingredients arena.

Grapefruit, lime, lemons, oranges
Vita-Pakt mascot and sign


Vita-Pakt built it's first plant in the Central Valley dedicated to citrus industrial products.


Vita-Pakt business is severely impacted by Tropicana co-packing and retail categories through a large loss.

Carton of Orange Juice
Product line of oranges


Vita-Pakt exited the retail market to focus on its highly successful industrial ingredients manufacturing.


Vita-Pakt enters the dried products division

Pricture of dried cirtus dry peel product
Recession sign


Vita-Pakt exit’s the tanker category due to a major energy and crisis recession.


Vita-Pakt entered the dry products manufacturing business as a natural development of its product philosophy of turning discards into viable products.

dry product manufacturing bins
Sliced and whole kiwi


Vita-Pakt enters the kiwi business.


Vita-Pakt introduced the citrus Flavedo line and expanded its portfolio of unique citrus based products.

flavedo puree
Lindsay California Movie Theater


Vita-Pakt relocates the Covina production facility to Lindsay.


Vita-Pakt sells the Bireley Brand.

Bireley's Logo
citrus oils


Vita-Pakt expands into concentrates and citrus oils.


Vita-Pakt completed the Tulare Juice Plant move to Lindsay.

Lindsay City Logo
Glass of specialty orange juice


COVID-19 outbreak takes place causing the demand for high quality naturally nutritious juices and products. Thus the specialty products line for Vita-Pakt was born, led by it's fresh NFC juice.