Specialty Products

Vita-Pakt Citrus Products Company is a manufacturer and processor of a wide variety of standard, customized, and unique blended specialty products. We develop and process these high quality products by their analytical characteristics of each of its components and its entirety including but not limited to brix, citrus oil content and pulp. They include, peel in juice, peel in sweetener, juice with peel, pulp, citrus oil or added citric acid, or other combination.

Orange of Vita-Pakt Lemon of Vita-Pakt Lime of Vita-Pakt Grapefruit of Vita-Pakt Mandarin of Vita-Pakt Juices of Vita-Pakt Purees of Vita-Pakt Dry Peel Vita-Pakt Frozen Peel - Vita-Pakt