Tangerine Marmalade


Yield: Approximately 40 (4) oz. Jars

5.25 pounds #4 California Sweet Orange Marmalade Base
.75 pounds #907 Mandarin Puree
11 pounds Sugar 
2 pounds #22 California Fine Select Shredded Tangerine Peel 
18 grams Citric Acid*
18 grams Rapid Set Pectin (mix pectin with a small amount of the sugar to prevent coagulation of pectin)*

*May be adjusted per customer specification


Mix #4 California Sweet Orange Marmalade Base, #907 Mandarin Puree and sugar, apply heat and stir till the sugar is dissolved, add #22 California Fine Select Shredded Tangerine Peel.  Boil to 219ºF; add pectin and sugar mixture stir and add the citric acid.  Agitate constantly not allowing mixture to cool below 190º F.

Fill in glass jars and cap.  Invert jars for about 1 minute to achieve cap sterilization.  After which jars are to be turned right side up.  

Note: Pectin is already provided in Base, however, due to various specification requirements and conditions, adjustments may be necessary.

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