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The lime is a citrus fruit which is typically round, green in color and contains acidic juice vesicles. Our limes come from Mexico in several different varieties, mainly Key or Persian. We offer many different products made with this commodity, such as lime purees, lime juice, lime Flavedo, lime dried peels and lime oil.

Lime Juice

Vita-Pakt lime juice is expunged from the fresh fruit of Mexico, bringing to life the flare of the country’s West Coast. Our lime juice is produced under the most stringent guidelines. The lime juice comes in several different varieties, including Persian or Key Limes. We offer our lime juice in single strength and concentrated. Our single strength lime juice is made from the juice of limes, concentrated, and then reconstituted into single strength lime juice. The natural oil which evaporated during the concentration process is added back to provide the original natural flavor. Lime concentrated juice is fruit juice from which most of the water has been extracted. When water is removed, you’re left with a thick, syrupy product known as concentrate.

*All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary from processing and seasonal fruit variation.

Image Item # Product Description Net Wt Gross Wt Packing FOB Sample Size
product 303 303 Single Strength Lime Juice 38.6 lbs 41 lbs Pail Lindsay 16 oz

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product 350 350 Lime Juice Conc. 400 GPL 546 lbs 596 lbs Drum Lindsay 16 oz

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product 350 350 Lime Juice Conc. 400 GPL 52.5 lbs 55 lbs Pail Lindsay 16 oz

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product 351 351 Key Lime Juice Conc. 390 GPL 51.5 lbs 54.2 lbs Pail Lindsay 16 oz

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Growing Season


Key Lime availability May through September


Key Lime availability June through September

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