Unlock the Intense Citrus Flavor of Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength

Are you ready to elevate your culinary creations with a burst of citrus flavor? Experience the difference Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength can make. This powerful citrus ingredient is crafted from tree-ripened California lemons (Citrus limon), fruit acid, and sugar. Our lemons are grown along the sunny California Citrus Belt, a region known for producing fruit with intensified aromatics, flavor, freshness, and acidity, perfect for your food and beverage applications.

Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength is also high in various macro and micronutrients, which are critical in nutritive health and overall general well-being maintenance. Incorporate this citrus ingredient into your food and beverages to boost the nutritional value of your products while providing a vibrant citrus flavor customers will rave about.

The Vita-Pakt Process

Vita-Pakt adheres to the most stringent guidelines in the world to ensure the value of the lemon isn’t lost during processing. Each fruit is meticulously graded and thoroughly washed. The juice is extracted, and the peel, cells, and oil are carefully separated. These components are then reformulated into a concentrated puree designed for the baking industry. Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength meets our rigorous specifications and standards for quality organoleptic and analytical characteristics, ensuring the best product for your end application. Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength

Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength is also sustainably sourced and processed. All the fruit we process has been rescued from conventional food waste streams due to improper size, discoloration, or blemishes. By upcycling imperfect fruit products, we maximize our resources and reduce our burden on the environment.

Uses for Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength

Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength can be used in numerous applications beyond baking. This citrus ingredient is ideal for industries that require the use of a high-quality product with a clear, naturally acidic organoleptic presence and identity.

When you try Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength, you’ll find that this citrus product works well as a food ingredient for virtually any application where you want a high-quality, noticeable citrus flavor. Applications include, but are not limited to:


This Vita-Pakt citrus ingredient will help you create delectable baked goods with a citrus twist. Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength will add more flavor and improve the texture of cakes, breads, muffins, cookies, pastries, and other bakery items. The citric acid in the puree acts as an acidulant to retain moisture, provide a bright and tangy flavor, and help preserve your products. Our Lemon Puree Double Strength is also great for creating lemon icings, glazes, and fillings to further enhance the flavor of your baked goods. Customers will be sure to note the difference!

Hot and Cold Beverages

Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength will transform hot and cold beverages with a high-quality citrus flavor and aroma. It pairs well with hot and iced teas, crafted coffees, lemonades, cocktails, mocktails, yogurt drinks, smoothies, functional beverages, and more! Let your imagination run wild with this Vita-Pakt citrus ingredient. It will infuse vibrant lemon flavor to make your beverages stand out. Remember that a little goes a long way with this double-strength puree. Experiment with different amounts of our Lemon Puree and other beverage ingredients to create just the right mix of flavors. Customers will appreciate the effort when they sample your lemon-enhanced beverages.


Create custom dips, sauces, and marinades with our Lemon Puree Double Strength. A lemon marinade will enhance the flavor profile of grilled chicken, meat, or seafood entrees. The citric acid in this citrus ingredient also tenderizes meats for a more satisfying customer experience. You can also make a bright lemon vinaigrette ideal for drizzling over salads or pasta dishes. Create a lemon parmesan sauce for chicken wings or vegetables. The condiment options are endless with this versatile Vita-Pakt citrus ingredient! Customers will love the infusion of high-quality citrus flavor.


Incorporate Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree into your spices and seasonings for a unique mixture. Use the puree to create a versatile lemon pepper seasoning for meat or vegetables, or use it to make a lemon herb seasoning with fresh pepper, oregano, basil, and thyme. Try our Lemon Puree Double Strength with different spice blends to uncover the right mixture of flavors. You’ll need just a small amount of our potent puree to make a huge difference in flavor.

Vita-Pakt – Over 75 Years of Quality Service

Vita-Pakt is a processor and supplier of industrial citrus ingredients that has served California since 1947. We are proud to be a trusted authority in the citrus industry. As an essential food and beverage partner, we aim to bring more value to your operations with our high-quality ingredients, vertically integrated processes, and exceptional customer service.

At Vita-Pakt, we recognize the importance of food safety. That’s why our processing facilities are GFSI-certified and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment designed to provide consistent quality with every citrus product. We also partner with multigenerational farmers who uphold our commitments to food safety and sustainability to deliver the best lemons for your end application.

Vita-Pakt Baker’s Lemon Puree Double Strength offers a vibrant citrus flavor for your food and beverage creations. Request a sample of Vita-Pakt Product No. 239 today!

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