Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture

Elevate the flavor of your food and beverage products with Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture. This versatile citrus ingredient is made only from the finest tree-ripened Mexican limes, capturing the essence of the country’s agricultural environment. It is an all-natural four-fold concentrated puree containing no added sugar, acid, color, or preservatives. When you order this Vita-Pakt ingredient, you can expect only fresh, high-quality citrus flavor. Vita-Pakt Lime Puree

At Vita-Pakt, we adhere to the most stringent guidelines in the world to ensure only the best citrus ingredients for your application. Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture undergoes meticulous lab testing for quality attributes to ensure consistent organoleptic characteristics for color, appearance, texture, and flavor. It has worldwide acceptance for use in a wide variety of food and beverage products.

Top Applications for Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture

This Vita-Pakt product is designed for use in the baking, confectionery, and food processing industries to enhance product flavor, texture, and appearance. It works well for a wide range of end-use applications requiring the use of a high-quality, clean-label ingredient with clear organoleptic presence and identity.

Common applications for Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture include:

  • Proprietary Baking

Add a touch of Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture to your proprietary bakery items. Customers will love the twist of citrus flavor in baked breads, muffins, cakes, cookies, pastries, and other products. The acidic properties of the lime aids in moisture retention to create fluffier, flakier baked goods. This citrus ingredient can also be used to make lime-infused icings, glazes, and fillings for even more intense flavor. Experiment with varying amounts of the puree to adjust the intensity of the lime flavor as desired.

  • Beverages

Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture will elevate your beverage products. It’s excellent for adding texture to lemonades, limeades, and other juices. To enhance flavor, add it to recipes for mocktails, cocktails, sparkling beverages, teas, and more. The options are endless! Begin with a small amount of the puree in your beverage mix and gradually add more to increase the flavor intensity. Customers will savor the bright and refreshing lime flavor in every sip.

  • Confectionary

Imagine confections infused with natural lime flavor. Add Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture to your base for candies, chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, pies, and other sweet goods. The tartness of the lime will provide for a more balanced flavor profile. This product is easy to experiment with different combinations of the puree and your sweet ingredients for just the right flavor. Additionally, the citric acid found in the lime fruit acts as a preservative to help your confectionery items last longer.

  • Condiments

Lime puree is a common ingredient in the condiment industry. It enhances the flavor of sauces, marinades, and glazes. Create a zesty dipping sauce for chicken wings or make a refreshing lime vinaigrette to drizzle over salads or pasta dishes. Use it in your marinade mix to tenderize pork, chicken, beef, and seafood entrees. Or create a citrus glaze for roasted meats or vegetable sides. This Vita-Pakt ingredient will make all the difference in flavor.

Whatever you can imagine, you’ll find Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture to be a versatile ingredient that works well in many culinary applications. Customers will remember the distinctive lime flavor in your food and beverage products.

Discover the Nutritional Benefits

Use Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture to boost the nutritional content of your goods. This citrus ingredient is high in various naturally present macro and micronutrients. It contains dietary fiber, which plays a critical role in digestive (gut) health and overall general well-being maintenance. Incorporating Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Coarse Texture into your food and beverages can help your customers reap these health benefits while adding a noticeable citrus flavor to your products.

Request a Vita-Pakt Sample Today

Vita-Pakt is proud to be a trusted authority in industrial citrus ingredients. Since 1947, we’ve grown to become an essential partner in California’s food and beverage industry. We attribute our longevity to our high-quality citrus ingredients, excellent customer care, and strict food safety practices. Our facilities are GFSI-certified and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring product consistency and efficient logistics. As a vertically integrated company, we aim to bring more value to your operations.

At Vita-Pakt, we also recognize the importance of using sustainably sourced and processed citrus ingredients. In fact, all the fruit that we process has been rescued from conventional packinghouse food waste streams. This allows us to reduce our environmental impact by finding use for limes and other citrus products that would have otherwise been discarded.

Make your products stand out with a hint of Vita-Pakt Lime Puree 4-Fold Course Texture. Discover the potent citrus flavor it will bring to your food and beverages. Order a sample of this Vita-Pakt ingredient on our website today!

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