Discover Vita-Pakt’s California Shredded Lemon Peel

Elevate the flavor profile of your dishes and beverages with Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Frozen Lemon Peel. This powerful citrus ingredient is manufactured from fresh California lemons under the most stringent guidelines in the world to ensure the best flavor. Vita-Pakt's California Shredded Lemon Peel

Vita-Pakt lemons are grown along sunny California’s Citrus Belt, a location that is known for enhancing the flavor, aromatics, freshness, and acidity of citrus fruit. These qualities provide for the best-tasting foods and beverages.

During production, Vita-Pakt California Shredded Lemon Peel is minimally processed to retain its natural qualities. The lemon peel is shaved and shredded to exact specifications and then pasteurized and chilled prior to freezing. We do not include any added artificial color, flavor, or preservatives. With Vita-Pakt California Shredded Lemon Peel, you get the natural, high-quality flavor of our sustainably sourced and processed lemons. From baked goods and marmalades to confections and beverages, this versatile ingredient is perfect for a wide range of culinary applications.

Applications for Vita-Pakt’s California Shredded Lemon Peel

With Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Frozen Lemon Peel, you can easily brighten your dishes with the power of citrus year-round! Here are some different ways you can use this valuable citrus ingredient.

Jams, Jellies, and Marmalades

Lemon is a common ingredient for enhancing jams, jellies, and marmalades, but Vita-Pakt Shredded Lemon Peel makes all the difference in flavor intensity. This ingredient works well on its own with your favorite sweetener for a lemon-based jam, jelly, or marmalade with a delicious combination of tart and sweet flavor. It also pairs well with other flavors, such as strawberry, raspberry, honey, peach, and ginger. Experiment with different flavors and varying amounts of lemon peel to uncover the best flavor and texture combination. Your customers will savor the explosion of citrus flavor spread on baked breads, sliced toast, muffins, pancakes, pastries, and much more.

Baked Goods

Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Frozen Lemon Peel makes a tasty addition to bring out the flavor of your baked goods. This ingredient offers a bright, tangy taste and a citrusy aroma for breads, cakes, muffins, scones, cookies, tarts, bars, and more. Additionally, the citric acid present in the lemon peel will help improve the moistness and overall texture of your baking creations. It creates a light and fluffy treat with a hint of lemon flavor that your customers will love.

Ice Cream

Add Vita-Pakt Shredded Lemon Peel to your ice cream recipes to improve taste and texture. The tart of the lemon peel will help balance out overly sweet flavors for a more satisfying, creamier dish. Add a small amount to ice cream for a subtle touch of lemon flavor. Gradually add more until you reach your preferred flavor intensity. This ingredient also works well with sorbet to create a delicious lemon-infused frozen treat.


Use Vita-Pakt Shredded Lemon Peel to transform your confectionary treats. Create flavorful lemon curd to layer in custards and puddings or make lemon cream filling for pastries or pies. Incorporate this versatile ingredient into your cookies, candies, and cakes for a bright and zesty citrus-flavored treat that will leave customers asking for more.

Glazes, Sauces, and Marinades

With Vita-Pakt Shredded Lemon Peel, you can bring extreme flavor to your glazes, sauces, and marinades. Create a tangy dipping sauce or a delicious marinade for pork, chicken, or beef entrees, or vegetable sides. Drizzle a lemon-infused glaze on breads and cakes for a combination of sweet and tart flavor. Additionally, the natural preservative properties found in the lemon peel will ensure a longer shelf life for your creations.

Cocktails and Mocktails

Cut down on your prep time for creating craft cocktails and mocktails. Readily packaged, Vita-Pakt Shredded Lemon Peel is a mixologist’s dream. It works well to add zest to martinis, whiskey sours, mojitos, sparkling beverages, and more. Add more of the shredded lemon peel for a more potent flavor. Your customers will love the enhanced flavor, and you’ll enjoy the easy prep provided by this Vita-Pakt citrus ingredient.

Nutritional Benefits of Vita-Pakt’s California Shredded Lemon Peel

Along with great, high-quality flavor, Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Frozen Lemon Peel offers wonderful health benefits. This Vita-Pakt citrus ingredient is very high in vitamin C, which is an essential antioxidant that helps build the immune system to ward off common illnesses like the cold and flu. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, which promotes good digestion, weight maintenance, and overall lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Vita-Pakt: Providing Quality Citrus Ingredients Since 1947

Vita-Pakt is a leading supplier and processor of industrial citrus ingredients. We are proud to be an essential part of the food and beverage industry in California. Since we opened for business over 75 years ago, we’ve maintained our commitment to providing exceptional service, adhering to high food safety standards, and delivering the best citrus ingredients available.

Over the years, Vita-Pakt has also developed sustainable practices to reduce waste and support the environment. All the fruit that we process is rescued from food waste streams. We are dedicated to maximizing our resources and creating value in fruit that would have otherwise been discarded.

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Vita-Pakt’s California Shredded Lemon Peel offers the high-quality flavor and aroma you need to bring your dishes and beverages to the next level. From jams and jellies to baked goods, ice cream, and more, it makes the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of culinary delights. Request your sample of Vita-Pakt’s California Fine Select Shredded Frozen Lemon Peel today!

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