Enhance Your Dishes With Vita-Pakt’s California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel

Are you looking for an easy way to brighten up your dishes? Discover the power behind Vita-Pakt’s California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel. Available year-round, this versatile citrus ingredient delivers a distinct citrus flavor to a wide range of culinary and beverage applications. Thanks to its high-quality flavor and appearance, Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel is the largest volume sweet orange peel currently used in the preserving, baking, and confectionary industries. 

How Do We Ensure the Best Flavor? 

From farm to table, we work hard to ensure that Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel exceeds your flavor expectations. This begins with our growers. We partner with multigenerational farmers who are committed to using safe and sustainable growing practices. Our oranges are produced right here in sunny California under the most stringent guidelines in the world to offer the best-tasting fruit for your products. Vita-Pakt’s California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel

Vita-Pakt’s Shredded Orange Peel is sustainably sourced and processed. All the fruit that we process has been rescued from food waste streams, and it is minimally processed to retain its natural qualities for the end product. With established procedures in place at our GFSI-certified production facilities, we ensure that the value of our oranges is not lost through drying and processing. This results in the highest quality product for our customer base. 

The orange peel is shaved and shredded to exact specifications and then pasteurized and chilled prior to freezing. We ensure the product contains more of the albedo, or the white outer part of the orange fruit, than our extra fine peel. The albedo provides enhanced texture—as well as additional health benefits—for your culinary creations. 

Uses for Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel 

There are numerous ways you can use Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel. Let’s explore some of these below. 

Jams, Jellies, and Marmalades

Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel is ideal for enhancing the flavor of jams, jellies, and marmalades. It pairs well with other fruits, such as strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, for a custom flavor combination. The slight bitterness of the pith can also help balance out sweeter flavors. Adjust the amount of shredded peel to your taste and texture preference. Your orange-infused jams, jellies, and marmalades are perfect for topping muffins, pastries, toast, breads, and more. Your customers will love the zest of citrus flavor and improved texture. 

Baked and Confectionary Goods

Discover the power of citrus in your baked and confectionary recipes! Infuse a touch of orange flavor into pastries, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates, candies, breads—the options are endless. Vita-Pakt’s Shredded Orange Peel can transform your ordinary baked goods and confections with a twist of high-quality orange flavor. Plus, the citric acid in the orange peel will help your products retain moisture for an overall more satisfying dining experience for the consumer. Acid is also an essential component in preserving foods, so this ingredient can also help with increasing the shelf life of your culinary creations. 

Glazes, Sauces, and Marinades 

This citrus ingredient will bring extreme citrus flavor to your glazes, sauces, and marinades. With Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel, you can boost the flavor profile of your chicken, pork, or beef entrees with a custom, orange-infused marinade or glaze. Or you can make a tasty dipping sauce with a kick of orange flavor. It’s perfect for enhancing Asian, Mediterranean, Thai, and Latin-inspired dishes. Whatever you have in mind, when you include Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel, you can be sure that your customers will savor the citrus flavor and come back for more.

Cocktails and Mocktails

Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel is a mixologist’s dream. It significantly cuts down on your prep time for creating craft cocktails and mocktails with a zest of orange flavor. This citrus ingredient is a versatile and fragrant addition to martinis, margaritas, sangrias, and many other combinations. Experiment with different recipes and variations of our shredded orange peel to find the perfect balance of flavor. 

Other Beverages 

This Vita-Pakt citrus product can improve the flavor of a wide range of beverages. Use it to create orange-infused iced teas, lemonades, smoothies, sparkling waters, custom coffees, and more. Start with a small amount of shredded peel and gradually add more to increase the flavor intensity. Your customers will love the citrusy flavor and aroma offered by our Shredded Orange Peel.

Nutritional Benefits of California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel

Since we retain some of the albedo from the orange fruit, this product delivers even more nutritional value. It is a rich source of vitamin C, which is an essential antioxidant for fighting against common illnesses and potential diseases. It is also high in fiber, which plays a critical role in digestive health. You can help your customers achieve these benefits and more by incorporating Shredded Orange Peel into your daily recipes. 

Request Your Vita-Pakt Sample Today

Vita-Pakt is proud to be an important part of the food and beverage industry in California. As a preferred citrus ingredients supplier and processor, we are committed to helping our customers achieve more value in their operations with our high-quality products. For the past 75 years, we have maintained a focus on food safety and sustainable practices to deliver the best citrus ingredients available. 

Vita-Pakt California Fine Select Shredded Orange Peel offers potent orange flavor for any culinary application you can imagine. This product has worldwide acceptance as an essential citrus ingredient, and it does not contain any added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It makes a delectable addition to jams, baked goods, confections, marinades, beverages, and more! Experiment with this Vita-Pakt citrus ingredient yourself and unlock more flavor in your recipes. Request a sample today

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