Introducing Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder STD 200

Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder is an extremely versatile ingredient that delivers a noticeable citrus flavor. It comes from the dehydrated peels of fresh California oranges grown right here in our beautiful state’s sun-drenched hills and valleys. This natural citrus product is minimally processed to capture the essence of the natural orange juice flavor in every spoonful. At Vita-Pakt, our mission is to produce only the best citrus ingredients that will provide the most value for your end product. 

Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder STD 200 is suitable for a variety of different applications. Let’s explore some of the best uses for this citrus ingredient. 

Vita Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder STD 200


Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder is an extremely fine powder, which makes it ideal for enhancing numerous types of beverages. As a bulking agent, it can add texture along with a nice, citrusy twist to a wide variety of drinks. Here are some of the possible beverage options that you can create with this natural, healthy ingredient from Vita-Pakt. 

  • Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Beverages

Use Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder to improve the taste and texture of your (RTD) beverages. It can add viscosity to fruit juices, smoothies, herbal infusions, sparkling beverages, functional beverages, and much more. Use just enough of the fiber powder to provide the desired level of thickness and flavor, which will vary depending on the type of RTD beverage. Your customers will enjoy a smoother, more satisfying drink with a sweet orange flavor. 

  • Ready-to-Mix (RTM) Beverages

Vita-Pakt Citrus Peel Fiber Powder is easy to mix with other ingredients for your RTM beverages. You can combine it with fruit powders, sweeteners, and supplements to create mixes that will be ready for a healthy smoothie anytime. Simply add your favorite liquid, and your customers will savor the delicious, creamy treat. It also works well to boost the fiber content of protein mixes, meal replacement shakes, and powdered water enhancers, providing a healthy, convenient option for consumers. 


This Vita-Pakt fiber product can be added to bread, muffins, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. It delivers a sweet citrus flavor while improving texture to a variety of foods. The citric acid in the orange also helps with retaining moisture for a nice, fluffy treat that your customers are sure to enjoy. Additionally, the acid helps with maximizing the shelf life of your baking creations. 


Are you looking for a way to increase your fiber content fast? Vita-Pakt Citrus Peel Fiber Powder STD 200 also works well as a supplement. You can use it alone to mix with water or juice for a simple dietary fiber supplement, or you can add it to existing protein shake powders, prebiotic supplements, and other supplement formulations to improve their overall fiber content. Vita-Pakt Citrus Peel Fiber Powder will add a zesty orange flavor as well as additional volume to your supplement beverages. 

Food Storage/MRE Products

Vita-Pakt Citrus Peel Fiber Powder can also be incorporated into your food storage or MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) products. These products are designed to provide a healthy, balanced meal when traditional food preparation isn’t an option for consumers. When added to MRE products, Vita-Pakt Citrus Peel Fiber Powder can enhance their nutritional value while also improving the texture and taste of the food. It can also help with masking strong flavors as well as with retaining moisture for an overall more satisfying experience for the consumer. Plus, the acidic profile of the powder will further improve the shelf stability of your food storage. 

Pet Food

Incorporating Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder STD 200 to pet food products offers many potential benefits. Dietary fiber can help with weight management and support gastrointestinal health. It can also improve the overall texture of pet food, making it more appealing for pets to eat. 

Nutritional Benefits of Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder

Dietary fiber is an essential component of a healthy diet. It offers a wide range of health benefits for consumers. Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder can help your customers take advantage of all these benefits and more:

  • Digestive health—Dietary fiber is known to prevent constipation by promoting more frequent bowel movements. It can also reduce the risk of diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, and other colon issues. 
  • Weight management—Dietary fiber is a great tool for helping with managing weight. The high fiber content of Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder can make beverages and foods seem more filling for consumers, helping to curb their appetite and overall calorie intake. 
  • Reduce disease risk—A diet high in fiber also helps to lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar. This can aid in reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

When you incorporate this sustainable fiber powder into your foods and beverages, your customers will appreciate the distinct citrus flavor along with the significant nutritional boost! 

Try a Vita-Pakt Sample Today

Vita-Pakt is proud to be a top supplier of delicious citrus ingredients. We partner with a wide variety of companies within the food and beverage industry in California and beyond. Since our humble beginnings in 1947, we have remained committed to providing the highest quality citrus products with an emphasis on food safety. Our citrus is tended by multigenerational farmers who uphold this same dedication to safety using sustainable growing practices. We believe this has been the key to our success over the past 75 years.

Vita-Pakt Orange Citrus Peel Fiber Powder STD 200 makes a wonderful addition to RTD and RTM beverages, MRE products, pet food, and more! Experiment with this citrus ingredient to uncover your own unique flavor combination.  Request a sample today. 

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